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A Glimpse of Our Affiliate Program

Just signup with our Affiliate Program and earn 35% of the first purchase of themes and plugins etc that is made by the users who are redirected by your website.

1 Partner With Us

Partner With Us

Sign up with us and generate a referral link that you need to post on the website as an ad or other promotional form on different channels.

2 Promote Us on Your Website

Promote Us on Your Website

You need to download the banners and get a referral link from and use them on the website or social media platforms to promote our website.

3 Earn 35% Rewards

Earn 35% Rewards

When the users click on the ads and land on to purchase the theme / plugin, you get 35% of the first purchase by the user.

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Compelling Reasons To Become a theem’on Affiliate

Added benefits you get while partnering as theem'on affiliate

  • Trust Factor: We are a trusted name and partnering with us will also enhance your credibility in the industry.
  • Wide Array of Products: We have a huge line-up of products such as WP themes, plugins, HTML templates, etc. to apmlify your affliate commission.
  • A Rewarding Experience: We give out 35% of the first purchase made by every user referred through your website. It cannot get more rewarding.

To help you along, we've summarized a few of the key Do's and Don'ts below but for detailed information read the..


Affiliate Program

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  • Promote the service that you are marketing by creating informative and interesting content about any topic that is associated with the service.
  • Get the banners and referral link from and use them according to the specific categories as mentioned on Theemon website.
  • Use the referral link and feature the ad on your website or a social platform in the form of a tweet, blog or a widget.
  • Make sure to promote any offer or discount that run on certain themes and plugins.
  • Make use of the plugins that facilitates automatic recommendation of the services to promote
  • It is advisable to promote categories that are popular on Theemon.
  • Make sure to create a web page or site that does not confuse the users about your role as an affiliate.


  • Never copy Theemon's website design or a logo other than provided with the banner as they tendto confuse the users.
  • Do not use any other link other than referral link from to gain referral rewards.
  • Never use any other trademarks or Intellectual property of apart from assets made available to you along with the banner.
  • Do not purchase a domain that is actually a mis-spelling of or a keyword or a PPC advertisement related to Theemon.
  • Do not use the item description of our themes and plugins unless you get a consent from us.
  • Do not indulge in any unlawful activities including breach of Intellectual Property rights, spaming or breach of privacy.