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Released26 July 16
Last update 26 July 16
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Compatible with WordPress 4.5.x, 4.5.2, 4.5.1, 4.5, 4.4.2, 4.4.1, 4.4
1.0.0 26 July 16

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WP Advanced Google Maps: Add Unlimited Maps To Your Website

WP Advanced Google Maps is a WordPress plugin that lets you display a number of maps on a single web page. You can also add unlimited number of locations and markers on the map and organize them in the most effective manner. In addition to the maps and locations, it is also possible to add directions and store locators to the web page. The maps that are added to the page can be easily modified with map skins. There is a vast list of icons that may be chosen for displaying the locations and markers. A marker cluster feature has also been added to the plugin that helps manage large number of markers on the map. There are several other pathbreaking features that this responsive plugin is equipped with.
  • Responsive Plugin

    Responsive Plugin

    The plugin has been tested to be 100% responsive. WP advanced Google Map plugin lets you cater all your mobile and tablet users, thanks to its mobile-friendly layout. All the maps in the plugin are also truly responsive.

  • Unlimited Maps & Location

    Unlimited Maps & Location

    You have the liberty to add more than one map on a page and as many locations to the map as you wish. It is really beneficial for those companies that have their presence on different locations within an area.

  • Marker Clusters

    Marker Clusters

    The markers on the map may congest the view if present in high numbers. There is a cluster feature to organize the markers in clusters. Clicking on a cluster will open all the markers that are under one cluster.

  • Direction & Root Suggestion

    Direction & Root Suggestion

    Direction and root suggestion feature has been added to WP Advanced Google Map plugin in order to let the users to show direction and suggested route between two points on the map.

  • Info Window

    Info Window

    The info window displayed on every location can display multiple information including location message, post title, post categories, post tags, featured images and many others.

  • Customized Marker Image

    Customized Marker Image

    Marker image can be customized for each location separately or group wise. There are several marker images to choose from and custom images can be uploaded as well.


Several Icon Options

There are more than 500 icons that can be chosen to depict a marker on the map. Apart from these icons, you can also add custom icons and use on the map with this plugin.


Display Location In Defined Radius

The locations that you wish to display around a radius can be defined using this feature. All you need to do is to define the radius and the locations that fall within the radius will be shown.


Multicolored Routes

The route to a specified location can be shown in multiple colors on the Google map. This is a special feature of this advanced Google Map plugin


Awesome Shortcodes

We provide a range of shortcodes along with the plugin that can be used for various purposes such as addition of maps, longitude and latitude and locations by addresses.


Marker Listing Formats

We provide numerous formats for you to list the markers. Some of these include basic, table, grid, slider and tab. You can choose the format that best suits the page.


Set Pagination

The users of the Advanced WP google Map plugin can set pagination from the admin panel. It lets you control, how many maps you wish to display on the page.

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