Affiliate Terms

theem’on Welcomes You

1. Hello! Welcome to theem’on Affiliate Program terms. We are glad to see you again, and really appreciate your move to referring our websites to others.

2. Would you mind getting some passive income? All you need to do is simply refer a new user to theem’on. Every new user who signs up for an account through your reference and purchases at theem’on, adds 35% of the purchase amount as your referral reward. It means a significant portion of the first purchase by the referred user will be added to your account. Isn’t it great? Read below to know more about how it really works.

3. Now that you have landed to this page, we consider that you’re agreeing to the affiliate terms and conditions of theem’on. Well, that’s just not the end, here are some additional terms that cover our Affiliate Program applicable to all theem’on members who are actively involved in the referral drive at theem’on.

4. You being the Affiliate, are subjected to abide by our Affiliate program terms. As most of the words have already been covered in our general terms section, we try not to repeat them here. In case you find any inconsistency in the general terms and Affiliate programs terms, we make sure that only the conditions mentioned in this affiliate section are applicable to you as our affiliate member.

5. Continue reading to know about how it works, your responsibilities and everything about affiliate program.

How To Become An Affiliate Member

6. theem’on Affiliate programs are open for all. Read the below-mentioned steps to successfully qualify for an active affiliate participation.

How It Is Done

7. First, you will have to register yourselves with theem’on as an affiliate partner. Click on to register yourselves and provide us the contact details including your name, username, email id, PayPal email id and other details.

8. After you successfully register, you will be taken to the “My Account” section where you can see your purchase history and other details like settings and Affiliate area.

9. Referral code: As an affiliate member, you will have a referral code available to you by default, drawn with your username or other credential as required. Check account section to see your automated referral code.

10. You just need to simply paste the referral code along with our link on your site. Now whenever a user clicks your referral link and signs up for a new member account on theem’on during purchase, you will be eligible to receive a percentage of the first purchase.

11. Referral percentage: All the successful affiliate earnings will be shown under the “Statistics” tab in the “Affiliate Area” in the “My account” section. Go through the details like paid earnings, unpaid earnings, visits and other details in this section.

12. Detailed Information: Let’s have a glimpse below to know how our affiliate program tracks the purchase.

A. When users click on the link and land on theem’on page to sign up and make a purchase, we track them using the cookies saved in their system.

B. If any person clicks on the referral link provided by you and signs up or make a purchase afterwards by directly visiting our website, he/she will be counted as your referral and you will be eligible for the affiliate reward.

How do payments through referral income process

This section sheds light on the imperative information related to the account, withdrawals as well as deduction from the account. This section also explains that how our overall payment process of Affiliate program works.

About Payment Earning:

13. The affiliate program earning will be paid according to the rates mentioned. We will make the payments once you make a request for the same. We have kept the minimum threshold value of the amount that can be withdrawn as 50 USD. It implies that you will be able to raise a request for payment only when you have 50 USD or more in your account.

14. As of now, we only process payments through PayPal account and hence, you are requested to furnish correct PayPal email id at the time of registration.

15. Methods & Timings of Earnings Payment

A. Your earnings will be safe with us and will be paid to you upon request . When your earnings reaches the minimum threshold value, you can make a request and we will transfer the amount to your PayPal account.

16. Errors in Payment: We will be holding your earnings for whatever reasons we are unable to make the payments to you. The reasons may include any of the following:

A. We have not received correct payment details from you

B. We are unable to use the contact details provided by you

C. The payment request to us has not been made by you, i.e in a case of any fishing or online fraud.

17. Conversions of Currency: We make the payment of the reward money that you have earned through affiliate program in USD. Any kind of conversion fees levied by the concerned payment processing agency like PayPal, will be borne by you.

18. Refund Policy and Chargebacks Terms: In case, the user referred by gets a refund of his money against a returned order, you will not be offered any affiliate reward percentage for that purchase.

Things to avoid

19. It is prohibited for you to convey the referrals by:

A. Misleading them (or possibly leaving them puzzled) about the endorsement of your site (for an instance, by using the elements of design from our site)

B. Networking from sites managed by theem’on or any of the domains controlled either to gain prospective referrals. This comprises bouncing links off from different domains that could act as a potential referral to you.

C. Using any theem’on brand, intellectual property, trademarks, excluding logos and banners theem’on makes.

D. To own search engine specific keywords, a domain name, or PPC ads that include any theem’on trademarks, alterations, any other such stuff.

E. Using descriptions of items (without raising the support ticket to get our consent);

F. Circulating volunteered emails or other such messaging that may act as spam;

G. Breaching any of the laws by including privacy, spamming and harm to intellectual property. The act of breaching the law is not limited all this.

H. Doing things that may lead to confusing or misleading users (eg. referrals from any website that mislead users that it is a theem’on venture)

I. Indulging in any of the activities that directly/ indirectly pose threat to the terms and conditions of affiliate program and direction prescribed on theem’on to you;

J. Promoting any such conduct that is not in accordance with our fair play policy or needs our consent incorporating events such as fraud, misleading new users, or offering a link design just to confuse the customers.

20. We carry all the rights to take a decision if or not you are entitled to become our affiliate member that adhere to all the applicable laws or legal terms for affiliate program or the theem’on terms. In case, we find that your membership does not meet our specific standards, we can, with any of the reasons, keep your earnings on hold and may cancel or deactivate your account.

21. The financial decision subjecting to your affiliate program membership will be decided whether it is breaching any of the applicable laws or the terms of the affiliate program (obviously with absolute reasons).

It made us gratified that you went through the entire page thoroughly and patiently. We wish you all the luck for your future endeavors. This affiliate terms & conditions page is accessible to you anytime and from anywhere. If you have any query or doubt then let us know via the “Contact Us” section. We will shortly get back to you.

W.E.F- April 04, 2016