CRY, Reputed NGO Used theem’on WordPress Charity Theme

Established in the year 1979, Child Rights and You which is known as CRY is a non-profit organization working in India. Started by Rippan Kapur with just Rs 51, CRY was set up with an aim to enable people to take accountability for the condition of the deprived Indian children and encourage them to seekRead More

PHP 7: Leading The Emergence Of New PHP Era

An Introduction To PHP7 Since inception, PHP has been acclaimed as the one of the best server side scripting language, powering almost 200 million websites so far. This is just not an end, 81.7 percent and more of the public websites are powered by PHP on the server side. And after a long time, theRead More

6 Best Node.Js Frameworks Worth Considering

Node.js is widely conferred as the most popular framework for web designing. It is a platform that allows developers to build efficient large-scale web applications using JavaScript scripting language. There are countless benefits of using Node.js in the web development realm, major of them are swift application development process, robust and scalable web applications, etc.Read More

theem’on Unveils Mega Discount Of 15% On Newly Launched Gardening WordPress Theme

theem’on has launched the latest Gardening WordPress theme which is now available at 15% discount for a limited time period. This extraordinary deal is being offered with the aim to the businesses to develop an eye-catchy website without any hassle. So, hurry up and grab this awesome opportunity before the offer expires. Starting from 29thRead More

Price Revised From $1 To $5 for WP Themes, HTML /Email Templates, PSD Files And Plugins

In order to improve the overall experience of our clients and provide them the best output, we have revised our bonanza offer from $1 to $5. Our experts aim to create the best theme that too along with the most affordable price range. Under this theme, we are offering top quality WordPress themes, PSD Files,Read More

Extending Celebration of 100+ Sales On Theemon.Com With Flat 25% Off

As earlier, it was announced that we are celebrating 100+ sales on theem’on by offering you a Flat Discount Of 25%. In addition, you also get an automatic 5% Cart Discount on every purchase you make at theem™ We are elated to inform you that we have extended our discount offer till 28th February, 2017.Read More

Top 10 WordPress Trends Ruling In 2017

Website creators majorly use WordPress to design & structure a website spangled with some extraordinary features. Being popular as an advanced Content Management System, WordPress is the first choice to design your website using its updated & improved features. WordPress envelops over 76 million websites based on the ever-extending range of beautiful themes, plugins, &Read More

Impact Of WordPress Plugins On Your Site’s Load Time

Ever thought of how WordPress plugins impact your site’s load time! WordPress plugins basically enables you to add distinct features to your site effortlessly, but this in turn will affect the speed of your website. In this article, we will be discussing how WordPress plugins affect your site’s load time and what can be doneRead More

AMP in WordPress

The advent of smartphones has changed the way how people access information and they rely on their phone for getting the latest updates and news. However, when a webpage takes too long to get loaded, it loses a reader as well as the opportunity of earning revenue from subscriptions or advertising. The main reason beingRead More

AWS Cloud Computing- A Detailed Introduction

Amazon Web Services Tutorial Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a safe cloud services platform that offers database storage, compute power, content delivery and several other functionality that help the businesses grow. Just check online how millions of customers are presently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions that build sophisticated applications with enlarged scalability, reliability andRead More

Everything You Want To Know About Web Server

A lot of theories and tutorials have been made available online in order to disseminate information regarding web server. Some exhibit basic definition while others just focus on the terminologies. Understanding the need to serve all, we have come up with this tutorial-cum-revision guide for both beginners and tech experts. Let™s begin with the basicRead More

Top 10 Web Server Attacks: Impact and Prevention

Web Servers store the web pages and provide them to the client upon request processed through HTTP which is the basic protocol to give out information on world wide web. The actual role of web servers is dependent on the way they are implemented; however, the generic web servers store HTML or server-side scripting filesRead More

React Vs Angular 2 – Battle Between The Technologies

It becomes extremely tough for beginners to select a JavaScript framework to use for their project or even to start learning. Every day, we get to know about the latest approaches, systems and tools that make things easier. Each tool has their own usage and contribution to the JavaScript fatigue. In short, though several toolsRead More

A Quick Guide To Angular 2

Given rise to the mobile first approach, Angular 2 is an open source JavaScript framework that is widely being used for building web applications in JavaScript and HTML. This tutorial has been specifically designed for the software professionals who wish to learn the basics of the AngularJS 2 and its programming concepts in easy steps.Read More

6 Top Grid Systems For Web Designers

Grid system is an essential factor for creating responsive web design in the least time. It is a row and column system that lets the designers control the layout of the web page using CSS classes. The system not only helps create attractive and responsive web design but also ensures consistency in the design. AlthoughRead More

Ameliorate Performance And Security of Your Website

In today’s digital era, there is an immense rise in the tools and services in the web development arena. Content management system like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many others enable businesses to efficiently create an awesome online presence without any hassle. Their rich plugins, wide architectures, and modules have made it simpler to set upRead More

An Ultimate Guide For MySQL Query Optimization

MySQL database is one of the world’s most powerful open source databases because of its proven accomplishments, ease of use and trustworthiness. It has become a leading database choice for almost all web-based applications. Nowadays, database operations tend to be the major obstruction for several web applications. The database administrators are not solely required toRead More

An Extensive Checklist Of PHP Performance Optimization Techniques

PHP is solely responsible for powering a large segment of the web. It is affluently driving various popular websites in which Yahoo and Facebook are the best examples to consider. A huge web segment relies on PHP which clears the fact that PHP performance optimization is important for giving birth to more flawless and improvedRead More

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