GDPR: A Security Compliance which is Necessary for an Organization!

Nowadays, the internet has dramatically changed the way how we communicate and how we can handle every task.

We are using the Internet for various purpose like for sending emails, sharing a document, online shopping, pay an online bill, money transfer and so on. For doing all these tasks, we enter all our personal details online without thinking about privacy.

Have you ever thought how much personal data you shared online or what happens to all that information?

What organization really uses the data for?

If this question comes to your mind and you ask to company about your data then they tell that they collect all these information to serve you better and offer more relevant communication. But the fact is, this is the question and answered by EU, a European Union. They follow the regulation for providing security to your data. For this, they use GDPR to make your personal information transparent and more secured.

About GDPR

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation which has come into the effect of privacy. This is a law which has been implemented in all local privacy across the entire EU and EEA region. It will apply to all the companies which are selling some product to its customer by storing some personal information about people in Europe and as well as other continents. After this law, the people of Europe Union got control over their data and they assure that the information provided by them is secured.

What can be the personal information?

According to GDPR, personal information can be related to anything about a person such as a name, an image, an email id address, credit card and debit card details, any post on social networking sites, GPS details, Google map details, home address, IP address, medical information and so on.

So, Who does the GDPR involve?

Although, GDPR applies to almost every organization. Those firms who possess the data which are related to EU residents must come under the compliance of GDPR.

Even that organizations which are not based on the EU residents to be bound by GDPR. For GDPR compliance, they only need to hold or process data, based on EU residents.

It depends on the role of your organization, in what way you are using personal data so the regulation will view you as either a data controller or a data processor.

Know about Data controller and data processor!

A data controller is a way which processes the data but it does not carry this data by themselves, means they might contract a third party to collect or process the data to tell them what purpose they are doing it for.

‘The third party can be data processor from where data controller collects the data.’

“A data controller is the important terms as its job is to ensure the processor compliance with data protection law. If a processor violent the rule of GDPR, it must notify the controller and controller can be liable for financial penalities if processor breaches the rule.”

This is the responsibility of controller which data is processed, it must be transparent and lawful. That means a user must understand why their data is being processed and how it proceeds.

How GDPR affects any business?

GDPR, the data protection rule, puts the customers in the driver’s seat as all the information is secure. And, the consumer can ask any time that in what way company is using that information.

GDPR has established in EU organizations and non-EU organizations will be subject to GDPR. So, it has been applied to all the business organizations for providing protection to user data.

Let’s have a look at these points, how GDPR affects any firm:

  • To enhance the business performance, all organizations that work with personal data should hire a data controller specialist.
  • It maps all of the personal data in your entire business. According to GDPR compliances, you need to identify, where the data resides and who can access it, it will also help to improve the customer relationship.

Why GDPR is important?

There are many factors which make GDPR important as compared to any other data privacy law. Here are some guidelines which would explain about the importance of GDPR.

  • It applies to all the companies which sell products online and use personal information of a user.
  • It not only applies to the companies based in the EU, but also monitors the behavior of EU residents.
  • It doesn’t take care of those companies which collect the data even it process the data on the behalf of these companies.
  • If any company falls in the penalty of GDPR then that company pay some fine to GDPR.
  • According to law, it imposes a fine of $20 million or a 4% of total sale of the company whichever is higher for a serious violation.

When can GDPR apply?

GDPR is a regulation, not a directive so, there is no need to draw up new legislation so that, it can apply directly as it has come in the market for all organizations which use important information of a user.

How does it affect the technical firm?

There are so many companies in the world which use GDPR compliance to make secure their site.

  • If you have an account on Facebook then you will see that it has recently launched a tool “place people in more dominance over their security” so that, by accessing its privacy option you can find some data on that site and delete that data accordingly. This company also forced every user to use the terms and services.
  • As Apple has already launched a privacy dashboard and it does not take any personal information like its competitor but still to fulfill the GDPR compliance, it developed the security tool.


If you have read all the above points, you would be able to know what exactly GDPR does and why it is important for any organization.

For data security purpose, it is very crucial step that each and every firm has to follow.

If an organization uses GDPR compliance then it can give the guarantee to its user as their data is fully protected and no one can misuse this data so, without any tension, you can choose those sites for doing any work online.