Influential Mobile App Trends That Will Command The Industry In 2017

Smart devices and technologies are something that allure people within seconds. That’s why, with exquisite mobile app designs, marketers try to grab the attention of users towards app appearance and the latest versions of their new releases.

Mobiles Phones – in today’s technological world are extremely important and cannot be replaced with anything else. These have become an inseparable part of our day-to-day life. Even people can’t think of starting their day without having a cursory look at their mobile devices. From morning to night activities such as alarm, chatting on WhatsApp, listening favorite music, taking overview of news, watching trending YouTube videos, checking emails, etc., each activity is flawlessly carried out with the use of our smartphones. Now, you can simply imagine the scope and significance of mobile phones in everyone’s life.

As per the actual stats by TouchPoints: “Currently 2.1 Billion people across the globe use the smart phones”.

  • The ratio of mobile phone usage (including calling and texts) among adults (25 plus) is about 264 times in a day.
  • This ratio has slightly changed to 387 times in a day when it comes to the age group between 15-24.

Estimated stats are unbelievable, but these are true and predicted to increase gigantically in upcoming year. We can surely say that usage of smartphones and mobile applications is not going anywhere and will drastically increase in the year 2017.

In any industry domain, new trends always emerge on the basis of current contexts. So, when it comes to mobile industry, we cannot rely on older trends and technologies. Similarly, when you decide to develop a new mobile app, you must try the industry proven and the latest mobile app development trends. New trends do not imply to the trends new to market. It simply means that some trends that stick around in the industry for long slightly change their shapes due to the ever-evolving technological era. In short, nothing will be unknown in new trends, only the best mobile app trends are available with few variations and modulations.

Here, in this blog, we brought for you the current and the most sought after mobile app development trends that are going to dominate the entire mobile market.

Let’s figure out the best ones:

1. IoT + Wearables Apps Will Rock

IoT – referred to internet of things. This concept is new to market and might take time to appear in market. But, it is sure that from smart homes to offices and from healthcare to education, IoT mobile apps will gradually become the mainstream for people in 2017. Wearables are the best examples of smart devices that gave birth to advanced touch technology. It has been already introduced in market and attained a successful niche among other devices. Demand of smart devices is increasing rapidly due to which the requirement of apps will also keep on growing.

2. On Demand Apps Concept

The concept of on-demand apps is thriving in the industry. It has become an upward trend for different sectors that wish to take their business on the top with mobile-friendly apps. Owing to the popularity of Uber, Ola and Big basket, sectors inclined to deliver these types of services have started demanding the clone apps that work similar to the original ones. Apart from car hire and grocery ordering, there are many other businesses such as laundry, takeaways, restaurant booking, food ordering that have transformed their website into a full-fledged app. By observing the above facts, it can be confidently stated that the on-demand economy will effectively grow in 2017, hence it would be beneficial to focus on this trend.

3. Increasing Ratio of Mobile Payments

The evolution of mobile payment is a big achievement for mobile industry. It is clearly anticipated that approx 2.1 billion people use smartphones to make their daily life easier. Mobile payments added wings in it and facilitated users by providing a completely new way to reduce their hassle of paying amount manually. With the advent of mobile payment apps development, people are taking advantages of mobile money, mobile wallet and money transfer.
M-commerce is consistently gaining momentum and it is anticipated that it will gather admiration in upcoming time as well. Integrating mobile payment options in your ecommerce app will immensely benefit your business. Make sure you are incorporating security features to your app, so that payments could easily proceed. According to the m-commerce forecasts, the ratio is expected to reach $157 billion in 2017 and will surpass $300 billion in 2020.

4. Enterprise & Micro Apps Will Advance Further

You must not ignore this trend if you want to have favorable business results in 2017. Enterprise apps and micro apps both are accomplishing the needs of corporate people. The major objective of an enterprise is to streamline, restructure and manage the complex activities of businesses on the go. On the other hand, micro apps are developed with the aim to suffice extremely targeted operations or you can say single operation at a time. This wonderful concept paves the way to satisfy different operations and is expected to stay in the market for long.

5. Widening Demand of AR & VR Apps

Augmented & Virtual Reality Apps are in demand due to their out of the box gaming functionality. No matter, how gimmicky are these apps in look and feel, these apps will gradually become an integral part of human life besides gaming. Even, people will see more apps like fashion, real estate and retail based on these functionality. The demand of these apps is immensely growing and projected to make a jump in the future.

6. AMP Apps Are Covering The Industry

Around a year before Google introduced the concept of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It is gaining wide accreditation among mobile app developers as it provides them the technology to build single page application with outstanding user interface. By seeing the quick adaption of this trend, Google has recently announced that upcoming solutions will be integrated with a separate search index for mobile web apps. Due to this revolutionary step, mobile app development trend has changed a lot, especially from the SEO point of view. This trend is rapidly running in the market and predicted to go ahead of the competition.

7. Adaptability & Accessibility Focus Will Help

Nowadays, everyone has kept himself busy in their smartphones. Whether it is about WhatsApp chatting, Facebook scrolling, gaming, etc., they go deep in their mobile phones and made themselves habitual of it. Now, you can imagine that your app will be viewed by a kid or even an octogenarian. So, you can’t overlook the adaptability and accessibility of your proposed mobile app. Your app must be designed in such a manner so that it takes the users to the fly and provide them ultimate user experience on the go. In short, you have to incorporate the font sizes, spacing, colors and navigation of your app keeping the audience type and perspectives in mind.

8. App Security Must Be On Priority

Whenever you decide to develop an app for your business, make sure it has all the required security features integrated with it. In the Worldwide Developer Conference conducted by Apple, it has made clear that from January 1, 2017, it would be mandatory for all apps to integrate “App Transport Security” feature. This feature will ensure real time security to the app and their users. In the future, mobile app not having ATS feature can face heavy loss. Gravitating deep to this, security is crucial, especially when it comes to mobile payments, emails and bank accounts accessibility. This will become a great step for the app security purpose in the future.

9. Artificial Intelligence Is On Boom

Artificial intelligence is all about the idea of having a personal assistant in order to tackle everyday tasks. By implementing AI in mobile apps, your apps will not only provide digital assistance but also they will serve a variety of purposes from security to ecommerce store management. Observing the drastic growth of artificial intelligence, many mobile application development companies have started implementing this technology in their mobile apps in order to transform user experience.


– A world’s leading information technology research and advisory company revealed that there will be a high increase in the investments in artificial intelligence in the year 2017. The predicted ratio is more than 300% and it is more than enough to change the perspective of mobile app developers. Through the use of this advanced analytics, cognitive interfaces to complex solutions, AI will provide users the access to powerful insights of the app.

10. Rise Of Cloud-based Apps

You might have heard of the term cloud computing. Today, everyone from user to professionals is well aware of this term and technology. Earlier, cloud-based apps were only meant to be accessed on the desktops. After this, the concept of web apps came into existence. After a deep research, fortunately, cloud computing has found its way to advance the mobile apps. This made the mobile app development domain potent. Due to this technological revolution, users can now expect more powerful mobile applications that directly fetch data from cloud host and facilitate users by consuming minimal space in their smartphones.

The best examples of it are Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. According to the Cisco research, it is predicted that by the year 2019, cloud apps will be helpful in driving 90% of mobile data traffic. You can imagine how far this trend will go in the industry.

11. Integration Of Big Data

Analytics of anything plays a crucial role in identifying the results of something new launched in the market. Similarly, the concept of big data is significant in the case of mobile applications through which marketers can track the app activities on multiple devices. To grow a business, it has become essential to understand the behavior of an app introduced in front of users. Big data does it for you as it helps entrepreneurs to take business related decisions based on the activities. Today, for having detailed insights, marketers incline their apps towards the big data integration. This would be a useful footstep for them.

Ending Note:

Being a mobile app developer, you cannot completely rely on a single trend, rather you need to focus on multiple app trends that can give your app a boost. You can give a try to the listed app trends and improve your app’s interface like never before. These new trends will rule the market in an impressive way. Hopefully, in 2017, you will see a myriad of mind blowing things happening in the mobile marketplace.

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