Top 10 Web Server Attacks: Impact and Prevention

Web Servers store the web pages and provide them to the client upon request processed through HTTP which is the basic protocol to give out information on world wide web. The actual role of web servers is dependent on the way they are implemented; however, the generic web servers store HTML or server-side scripting filesRead More

How To Safeguard Your Server From Deadly DDoS Attack

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a common & fatal cyber threat to all active websites, network, application, web servers. Evidently, so far DDoS is the deadliest & difficult threat faced by system administrators and operators across the globe. This threat surpasses the limit of most service providers by attacking them with multiple attackRead More

6 Best Node.Js Frameworks Worth Considering

Node.js is widely conferred as the most popular framework for web designing. It is a platform that allows developers to build efficient large-scale web applications using JavaScript scripting language. There are countless benefits of using Node.js in the web development realm, major of them are swift application development process, robust and scalable web applications, etc.Read More

Immensely Gratified To Mark Our Presence in Envato Elite Club

Walking on the success track, we at theem’on have recently achieved a milestone by working acutely and conspicuously well on themeforest. In our very first year, we have become an Elite Member. This is an honor given by Envato for doing great job. We feel immensely proud to be an Elite Author and completing aRead More

Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

Security of Websites has always been a burning topic among all technocrats, web developers, webmaster, and even hackers. Almost every second, a site is being hacked or its security is being compromised to a level of interim loss. As a website owner, managing the security of your website/ server is both, essential and risky. ButRead More

Best 6 Front-end Frameworks of 2015

Over a period of time, Front-end frameworks have significantly triggered the possibilities of web development by playing the role of a catalyst. Yes! A catalyst… Just like a catalyst speeds up the chemical reaction, similarly a framework makes the processing of web development swift. If you are among the ones who are looking for someRead More