Wanted Deal! Cloe Email Template Selected For Free File of The Month

With a great surprise, we are quite excited to share the amazing news that one of the responsive email templates called Cloe has been selected for ˜Free File of The Month’ collection. This starting of November month brings premium files in free to download files to all of you. So, why to own second thought,Read More

A Complete Tutorial Guide For WordPress Beginners: Vol. 1

No wonder! You too have landed on this page while looking for an ultimate guide that would help you to create your very own first WordPress site. Well! I know it is quite difficult for you as a beginner to select any one out of those bountiful tutorials available online. Understanding the fact that youRead More

Sprint Up The Efficiency Of Your Project Using Grunt

Introducing Grunt Grunt is a configurable tool, introduced to redefine the meaning of easy in web development. If ever you are looking for some easy and efficient ways of getting all your front code put up for the production on just a single command, then definitely Grunt is all made for you. It lets youRead More

An Easy Guide To Develop WordPress Plugin Right From Scratch

Right after its introduction, WordPress created a sensation in the web development industry as an outstanding blogging platform. Soon the time changed and advancement in technology led to the improvement in the functionality of WordPress; not just only as a blogging platform but also as a leading CMS for web development. No sooner, it hasRead More

AMP in WordPress

The advent of smartphones has changed the way how people access information and they rely on their phone for getting the latest updates and news. However, when a webpage takes too long to get loaded, it loses a reader as well as the opportunity of earning revenue from subscriptions or advertising. The main reason beingRead More

Fundamental Practices To Improve Website Visibility

Getting more and more traffic is the ultimate goal of every business. Whether it is a website designer or a site owner, getting higher rankings in the search results of the most popular search engines is the only thing that matters for website’s visibility. Improved visibility and top rank over search engines (including, Google, Yahoo,Read More