A Quick Guide To Website Speed Optimization- What All You Should Know

The speed or performance of a website is something which should never be ignored when it comes to conquering the online market. An uninspiring website results in decreased sales volume, decreased traffic and decreased consumer base. A slow loading website exasperates users and compels them to leave at that very moment. This guide covers allRead More

Everything You Want To Know About Web Server

A lot of theories and tutorials have been made available online in order to disseminate information regarding web server. Some exhibit basic definition while others just focus on the terminologies. Understanding the need to serve all, we have come up with this tutorial-cum-revision guide for both beginners and tech experts. Let™s begin with the basicRead More

React – Redefining The Realm of JavaScript Library

Call it an irony or a prophecy, whenever we need to begin with a project, our inclination goes towards a method which is flexible, scalable, secure and simple. The web industry is no such exception, a developer working on to catering web solutions by developing applications and website would fervently use a functional framework whichRead More

Ghost- The New Age Blogging Platform Set To Woo All WordPress Fans

Ever since the WordPress shifted from being a blogging only platform to a fully featured Content Management System, a void has been created in the blogging world. We cannot ignore the fact that still there is a section of tech enthusiasts who long for a simple and effective blogging platform (to write on the web)Read More

PHP 7: Leading The Emergence Of New PHP Era

An Introduction To PHP7 Since inception, PHP has been acclaimed as the one of the best server side scripting language, powering almost 200 million websites so far. This is just not an end, 81.7 percent and more of the public websites are powered by PHP on the server side. And after a long time, theRead More

Giving Away Freebies Section Launch At theem’on

We at theem’on are going to launch our various stuff for free under a new section called Freebies. Well, this special Freebies section contains gigantic themes, PSD files, templates, plugins & newsletters and all these will appear in a broad collection. It’s time to share our dedicated work and everyone is welcomed here to downloadRead More