Website Redesign: How To Approach It For The Best Results

There has been a paradigm shift in the dimensions of online presence of a business. Earlier websites were used as a simple platform where the businesses would showcase themselves to the prospective users. Over the period, websites have transformed into means of personalized interaction with the users and clients and offering them services on theRead More

Create Native-Like HTML5 Apps With Ionic Framework

HTML5 hybrid apps have already made their mark in the mobile app industry. They are not only easy to develop but also requires quite less time as compared to their native counterparts. Before 2011, when the mobile rendering speed was painfully slow, the HTML5 apps were looked down upon by the native app developers. iOSRead More

Fundamental Practices To Improve Website Visibility

Getting more and more traffic is the ultimate goal of every business. Whether it is a website designer or a site owner, getting higher rankings in the search results of the most popular search engines is the only thing that matters for website’s visibility. Improved visibility and top rank over search engines (including, Google, Yahoo,Read More

Exploring the What and How’s Of Google’s Page Speed

Just like the efficiency of a newly launched car is judged by its mileage, in the similar pattern, the success of a website is determined by its loading speed. Evidently, the running speed of a website is considered as the major aspect determining its success on the web. No wonder, being a responsible site author,Read More

Flux Application Architecture:All That You Wished to Know

Building client side web application has always been an area where the maximum efforts of the software engineers and developers have been put in. Flux is a newly introduced application architecture that is used by Facebook to build such applications in the most efficient way. It is used in conjugation with the React™s Composable viewRead More

Sprint Up The Efficiency Of Your Project Using Grunt

Introducing Grunt Grunt is a configurable tool, introduced to redefine the meaning of easy in web development. If ever you are looking for some easy and efficient ways of getting all your front code put up for the production on just a single command, then definitely Grunt is all made for you. It lets youRead More