GDPR: A Security Compliance which is Necessary for an Organization!

Nowadays, the internet has dramatically changed the way how we communicate and how we can handle every task. We are using the Internet for various purpose like for sending emails, sharing a document, online shopping, pay an online bill, money transfer and so on. For doing all these tasks, we enter all our personal detailsRead More

AWS Cloud Computing- A Detailed Introduction

Amazon Web Services Tutorial Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a safe cloud services platform that offers database storage, compute power, content delivery and several other functionality that help the businesses grow. Just check online how millions of customers are presently leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions that build sophisticated applications with enlarged scalability, reliability andRead More

Everything You Want To Know About Web Server

A lot of theories and tutorials have been made available online in order to disseminate information regarding web server. Some exhibit basic definition while others just focus on the terminologies. Understanding the need to serve all, we have come up with this tutorial-cum-revision guide for both beginners and tech experts. Let™s begin with the basicRead More

Top 10 Web Server Attacks: Impact and Prevention

Web Servers store the web pages and provide them to the client upon request processed through HTTP which is the basic protocol to give out information on world wide web. The actual role of web servers is dependent on the way they are implemented; however, the generic web servers store HTML or server-side scripting filesRead More

How To Safeguard Your Server From Deadly DDoS Attack

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is a common & fatal cyber threat to all active websites, network, application, web servers. Evidently, so far DDoS is the deadliest & difficult threat faced by system administrators and operators across the globe. This threat surpasses the limit of most service providers by attacking them with multiple attackRead More