Top 10 WordPress Trends Ruling In 2017

Website creators majorly use WordPress to design & structure a website spangled with some extraordinary features. Being popular as an advanced Content Management System, WordPress is the first choice to design your website using its updated & improved features. WordPress envelops over 76 million websites based on the ever-extending range of beautiful themes, plugins, &Read More

Impact Of WordPress Plugins On Your Site’s Load Time

Ever thought of how WordPress plugins impact your site’s load time! WordPress plugins basically enables you to add distinct features to your site effortlessly, but this in turn will affect the speed of your website. In this article, we will be discussing how WordPress plugins affect your site’s load time and what can be doneRead More

AMP in WordPress

The advent of smartphones has changed the way how people access information and they rely on their phone for getting the latest updates and news. However, when a webpage takes too long to get loaded, it loses a reader as well as the opportunity of earning revenue from subscriptions or advertising. The main reason beingRead More

A Comprehensive Guide to Test PSD (Any Mock-up) to WP- Vol 1

This document contains Checklists to help you test your WordPress Web-pages and Theme To test any reference design to WORDPRESS site we need to test both markup i.e User Interface and its dynamic functionality. Below mentioned are some useful and mandatory steps which we need to follow 1. First, we need to test the markRead More

Checklist for Publishing a WordPress Theme on ThemeForest

ThemeForest is among the most reputed online marketplaces for WordPress themes, HTML templates, plugins and a lot of other resources. Naturally, they are very particular about the quality of the WordPress themes that are requested to be published on ThemeForest. This is the reason why buyers from around the world trust ThemeForest when it comesRead More

A Quick Guide To Website Speed Optimization- What All You Should Know

The speed or performance of a website is something which should never be ignored when it comes to conquering the online market. An uninspiring website results in decreased sales volume, decreased traffic and decreased consumer base. A slow loading website exasperates users and compels them to leave at that very moment. This guide covers allRead More