Checklist for Publishing a WordPress Theme on ThemeForest

ThemeForest is among the most reputed online marketplaces for WordPress themes, HTML templates, plugins and a lot of other resources. Naturally, they are very particular about the quality of the WordPress themes that are requested to be published on ThemeForest. This is the reason why buyers from around the world trust ThemeForest when it comesRead More

Evolution Of WordPress: Calypso

Past few days, Automattic (the company behind WordPress) has been in the news, for making an official announcement of introducing Calypso – a new admin interface for managing the WordPress websites. This revolutionary step is receiving the mixed reactions from developers and users across the globe. Some have applauded, some are confused and while theRead More

An Easy Guide To Develop WordPress Plugin Right From Scratch

Right after its introduction, WordPress created a sensation in the web development industry as an outstanding blogging platform. Soon the time changed and advancement in technology led to the improvement in the functionality of WordPress; not just only as a blogging platform but also as a leading CMS for web development. No sooner, it hasRead More

Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website

Security of Websites has always been a burning topic among all technocrats, web developers, webmaster, and even hackers. Almost every second, a site is being hacked or its security is being compromised to a level of interim loss. As a website owner, managing the security of your website/ server is both, essential and risky. ButRead More