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EasyPay: WordPress Paypal Plugin

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Released 21 November 14
Last update 21 November 14
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1.0.0 21 November 14

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2.0.0 15 December 14

  • Added gateway tabs in admin
  • Added PayPal Pro DoDirectPayment payments module
  • Removed Gateway fields from payment form for security
  • Added option for fixed amount choices
  • Added option for allowing currency choices in form
  • Dynamic fee calculation based on the gateway choice
  • Improved multiple security features
  • Added settings and options for administrator to control the new features

EasyPay: WordPress Paypal Plugin

EasyPay, a WordPress Payment plugin, can be integrated with varied online businesses, e-commerce platforms, Charity/donation websites, online crowd funding campaigns, and many more websites to make the online payment seamless. EasyPay is a faster & secure WP Paypal payment plugin that automates the transaction & enables you to receive the payments from your customers. This WordPress plugin Paypal is equipped with direct payment interface that lets the visitors make the payment directly with the help of integrated forms on the website. It is built with a function of notifying the users via email. If there is failed transaction, this amazing Paypal plugin WordPress automatically sends email with details and a Re-Order button so that the customers can again make payment without entering the details.
  • Safer & Faster

    Safer & Faster

    EasyPay comes with secure architecture that keeps user sensitive data confidential. Besides this, it offers the faster performance to ensure a better experience.

  • Rich In Functions

    Rich In Functions

    EasyPay is equipped with rich administrative functions. It lets the website owners customize theme, form interface & other features as per their sites.

  • PayPal Standard Gateway

    PayPal Standard Gateway

    This WordPress plugin features PayPal standard gateway that provides multiple security features, superb interface, & amazing payment protocol.

  • Easy To Configure

    Easy To Configure

    It is easy to configure, set up and even maintain this WordPress based payment plugin. Secondly the admin can customize every feature of this plugin.

  • Inbuilt Superb Validation

    Inbuilt Superb Validation

    This PayPal based WordPress payment plugin supports form featuring JavaScript validation in order to make the payment process impacable.

  • Bootstrap3 Compatible

    Bootstrap3 Compatible

    Comes with Bootstrap3 compatibility support, this WordPress Paypal plugin makes it easy for website owners to add varied advanced features.


Easy To Be Customized

EasyPay comes with a set of advanced features that enable the website owners to customize multifarious features with the help of drag & drop function.


Features Email Support

In order to make the customer aware of status of transaction, it supports email facility to notify the users whether transactions failed or it was successful.


Provide Amount & Currency Choice

This plugin provides varied amount options and currency choices that make the payment process faster & easier. Moreover, it makes the user-experience better.


Send Invoice Via Email

It streamlines the invoice management process because it can automatically send invoice in the form of PDF to the respective customers.


Highly Interactive Form

In this Paypal plugin WordPress, there is a high-grade interactive form that makes the online payment easier, faster, as well as secure with validation supports.


Compatible With All WordPress Versions

This Paypal based payment plugin is compatible with all the WordPress 4.0 and more advanced versions. Hence, there is no reason to worry that whether it will work in your website or not.

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