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FaceBook Events WordPress Plugin

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Released19 April 16
Last update 19 April 16
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Compatible with WordPress 4.4.2, 4.3, 4.3.1, 4.4, 4.4.1, 4.4.2, 4.5
1.0.0 19 April 16

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FaceBook Events- A WordPress Plugin To Import All Events To WP Websites

FaceBook Events, a WordPress plugin, is the perfect way to put your struggle of adding all the Facebook events to your WP website to an end. This plugin is so helpful in seamlessly importing all the Facebook events to your WordPress website. With this plugin, the events can be searched either manually or automatically and imported to the WordPress websites in a very short time. Installing this WordPress plugin on your existing website needs a very simple procedure to follow; thereby, no professional assistance is required for the same. This plugin is equipped with all the advanced features to make sure that importing events to your website remains no more a daunting task.
  • Cross-browser Compatible

    Cross-browser Compatible

    This WordPress plugin is compatible with the major browsers including E10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. Multi-browser compatibility helps in importing the events on the website using any browser.

  • List/ Grid View

    List/ Grid View

    This plugin allows the users to look the events either in list view or grid view as per their convenience. Such a feature is provided with this plugin to offer the unmatched user experience.

  • Short Code

    Short Code

    The Facebook Event plugin offers short-codes that need to be pasted on the front-end where you want the imported event display. This procedure makes it easy for the users to import the events.

  • Manual Event Import

    Manual Event Import

    The users can easily import events manually to their websites, using this even plugin. To manually import, the event can be searched via Event ID or Keywords.

  • Cron Event Import

    Cron Event Import

    This event plugin is equipped with the feature of cron import that enables the users to manage the automatic event import with an ease. Cron checks all the aspects before importing the event.

  • App Access Token

    App Access Token

    The app access token should be specified by the users in the settings page for importing the events. Generating this token is important to search and import the events.


TimeZone Selection

It allows the users to select the desired timezone for which they want to import the events. It is applicable on both; manual and cron import.


User-Friendly Interface

This plugin has been designed with a user-friendly interface to make it easy for the users to import the events to their websites in a hassle-free manner.


Feature-rich Plugin

This plugin is packed with some powerful features that help in searching and importing the events easily. Most of the features are provided with manual as well as cron import.


Supports All WordPress Versions

Apart from being cross-browser, it also supports the different software versions of WordPress including WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2, and more.


Easy to Install

This event plugin is quite easy to install and requires no technical deftness by the user to configure with a WP website. It can be set up following few simple steps.


Time Saving

This event plugin is specially designed to save your time while importing Facebook events to your site. Manual or automatic, both import processes take very less time.

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