How to retrieve MailChimp API key?

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What is MailChimp API key? How can i get my MailChimp API key generated and retrieve it?

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MailChimp API key is required to connect to the MailChimp account. MailChimp is a plugin that lets you add email newsletter subscription to your website.

To obtain MailChimp API key

  • You need to click on “Get Your API key here in the MailChimp section of WordPress Dashboard.
  • You will be directed to the MailChimp website where you need to log in. Go to Menu on the top right side of the MailChimp page, click on your username and then click on Account.
  • In this page, select Extras, API Keys and your key will be displayed in the table there.
  • The API key generated from here, needs to be entered into the box in the MailChimp section of WordPress dashboard.
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