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How do I update my theme?

The process to update the theme is quite similar to the installation process. But, here you first need to replace the older theme by either using the FTP instructions or deleting the theme in the Appearance panel (that you can access at the admin area). For installing process, you can refer to How do I install theme?

In case, if you don™t want to delete the older theme and while updating the theme, you find the error like destination folder already exist then, you should follow below given instructions.

Explore the below given instructions to update the theme

  1. Download the latest theme to your system
  2. Access the wp-content directory in WordPress Installation for your website
  3. Go to themes directory, change the name of file associated with the older theme
  4. Save the file of new theme in that theme’s directory
  5. Navigate to Appearance panel in Admin area and then Themes
  6. Now the expected theme will appear in themes page
  7. Activate that theme
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