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Documentation overview

The documentation is aimed to include all the important information that you will require to run your WordPress website smoothly. The list provided below comprises all the articles contained in this documentation. You can access the content from the documentation or from the package that we provide with the product.

1. Package Content

This section contains the information about the files that are provided with the package

2. How to download and install WordPress?

This section guides the users to download and install WordPress.

3. An Introduction to Transport Theme

It is a brief introduction to the Transport theme and what purpose it can serve.

4. Transport theme Download and installation

You are guided through the download and installation process of Transport Theme.

        4.1 Video Tutorials
        4.2 Stepwise website set up
        4.3 Theme download
        4.4 Theme installation and activation

5. One Click Installation

All the steps preceding One Click Installation are described here.

        5.1 WordPress Theemon Importer

6. Theme Options

All the modifications that can be made to the theme has been described here.

7. Widgets

Widget management has been described in detail here.

8. Visual Composer

All necessary information about Visual Composer Plugin has been described here.

        8.1 Add new Column
        8.2 Add new Element

9. Revolution slider

All necessary and relevant information about Revolution Slider plugin has been described here.

10. Mail Chimp

All required and important information about Revolution Slider plugin has been described here.

11. Woocommerce

All necessary information needed to run WooCommerce Shop section has been described here.

        11.1 Products
        11.2 Categories
        11.3 Tags

12. Services

All the steps to add services to the website has been described here.

13. Testimonials

Learn to add testimonials to the website in this section

14. Locations

Go through this section to add locations to the website.

15. Team

You can learn to add team information to the website here.

16. FAQ

Steps to add FAQ to the website has been described here.

17. Contact

All necessary and relevant information about Contact 7 plugin has been described here.

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