Standard License

We have come up with our license that permits you to go ahead to develop the end-product which is to be used by you and your clients. This is to profess that it cannot be sold anymore to any of the end-users. Reselling or disseminating source files of end product would strictly be prohibited.

Let’s take a look on an example:

You are free to construct a single web application but only for one client via the item list of theem’on. It depends on you whether or not you charge any amount of money from the clients, but the significant thing is to remember that the clients cannot charge anything further from end-users for accessing the same app.

Extended License

With the extended license, you are allowed to create the one end-product for the use either by you or any of your clients, which can be sold to the end users. It comes with No reselling option for our product source files.

Round up an example to explain in detail:

The authority for only single web application development is provided to you and that for only for the single client through the theem’on item list. Charging any cost in terms of compensation from your clients is permitted and also, he can further charge a fee for the same from his end users for accessing the application.


Q. What does the item define?

A. Here, the item delineates the thing whatever you buy and download at theem’on.

Q. What end-product describes?

A. The end-product is something you create operating an item you have already bought from theem’on and web applications and websites are the impeccable end products example.

Q. I am a freelancer and want to take fee from my clients as a charge to use the web app. Can I do this with your basic license?

A. Of course, you can charge a fee via basic license as the license has been purchased on behalf of the clients.

Q. Is it possible to create the same sort of end-products to many? Or do I have to buy different licenses for this?

A. Yeah, it is indispensable to buy separate licenses and that would be one for single client. You are free to use them without any hassle till the license is active to fulfill the purpose of using on behalf of client. Purchasing extended or basic license will account on, whether your client will resale your end product or not.

Q. Am I eligible to resell the purchased item of theem’on?

A. It is restricted not to sale again. Any of the items bought on theem’on cannot be disseminate without consideration for the license you got. Thus, our items must be packed into versatile large work pieces means end-products, to be purchased so far. We are rigid for not reselling the source files.