Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of theem’on is applied solely on the gathered information of the website which actually notifies some imperative things to you, including:

  1. The collected information of site you are allowed to share with whom
  2. You can get benefited with what choices related to the data usage
  3. The company security procedures to eradicate the possibilities of using information for misuse
  4. How could you correct erroneous things or information acutely?

Information Use, Sharing & Collection

We at theem™on, are the merely mainstay of all the data laced with this website. This is why we solely attain administration in our hand to amass information rendered to us voluntarily through either contact form or email. We & our tech-savvy professionals are pledged to not sharing/selling/renting the clients™ data with any third party organization despite of using it to meet the substantial request like order shipping. Your information is only used to respond, for which, you communicated with us.

As per your prior concerns, we contact via mail to let you know about the newest services/products, special offers, or any change in our business policy for the future.

Data Prudence & Safeguard

For the information safeguard, whether it is online or offline, we take proper cautions especially when going to submit sensitive information through site.

For Example:

During the submission of confidential data (like credit card information), entire data gets automatically encrypted the first and then only transmitted in secured manner. We further let you verify this via web page address.

Along with online information protection, we also look after this online. The extensively experienced employees associated with us need only essential information required to execute a particular task such as customer service or billing. Your personal identification details are stored in the secured environment integrated computers or servers to avoid the instances of data theft or sharing.

Your Control Over The Information

The user may access the available data anytime on the site without making any contact with us. Besides this, you are free to do following things just by contacting theem™on either via mobile number or email address mentioned on the site:

  • Expressing your concern about the data use
  • Viewing all the data displayed about you

Updates in Our Policies

The privacy policy may come with some alteration/updates as the time progresses. But, you™ll find all the updates published here on the same page.

If anyone of you have opinion that we are standing with the posted privacy policy, then feel free to contact us as soon as possible at


theem™on ( owns full right to not taking the responsibility for topicality, quality, completeness, and accuracy of the rendered information to you. The company would not be liable for damage, indirect/direct loss, profit suffered or incidental harm while downloading data, text, audio, and other material from the website. Furthermore, disclaimer assures you that theem’on does not cater any pledge related to completeness, presented material, data purpose fitness, or accuracy viewed on the website. Hereby, theem™on declares that depicted/described content over the site comes with the policy of subject to modification without prior notice.