Support Policy

The policy states the terms and conditions of the support service provided to our customers and what are the rules that govern the service. If you have any confusion or queries, kindly get in touch with our support team.

The content of the policy is subject to change and all our clients and customers are requested to go through the modified policy as and when required. We will also try to mention any such changes in our blog posts.

1. Support Hours

As we have clients from different countries in the world that fall in different zones, we follow a flexible support that caters all our clients in the best possible manner. Sometimes, it is an uphill task to offer the support the clients at the time of their convenience.

We work from Monday to Friday and our support team is based in India(GMT+5:30). Kindly check with the time when you call us for support.

It is our earnest endeavor to offer you the support in the least time possible and hence, we never hesitate to walk that extra mile. It normally takes 24-48 hours to answer your queries but during weekends, it may take more time. It is requested to clients to bear with us during busy times.

2. Definition Of Support

Our support service comprises the pre-sale queries, bug fixes for themes, plugins & templates and refund related queries. We have elaborated these points for your convenience.

Pre-sale Queries

Any question related to the themes/templates/plugins to be purchased are resolved by our support team. These questions can be regarding any doubt that our clients have in their mind about the resource they are interested to buy from us.

These questions may include

  • Queries about features of themes, templates, and plugins
  • Queries regarding after-sale support
  • Questions related to applicable discount, customization options, and deployment

Bug Fixation

In this case, support is provided to the customers who encounter any kind of bug or error while using the theme, template and plugin.

If you have queries regarding the refund in case you have not downloaded the theme/template/plugin after the payment, we will resolve it asap.

  • Resolution of pre-existing bugs that were traced due to nonworking of certain features.
  • Removal of errors that may have cropped up due to conflict with third-party plugins or version issues.
  • Bugs removal after the customization is performed for the resources purchased from us (only if customer has not hindered the source code).

3. Support Purview

We provide support service such as configuration and deployment of the theme, template and plugins, assistance in the usage of these resources and bug fixes as discussed previously. If you require further customization for them, you need to place a request with the support team and we will try to incorporate the specific requirements if permitted with the use of available technologies. However, the general scope of the support is confined to theme/plugin/template installation and bug fixes.

Our Support service handles:

  • Compatibility error cropping up after the theme configuration or plugin install.
  • Assistance for the product usage or confusion while understanding the documentation.
  • Issues related to setting up of theme or the template.
  • Issues with any functionality that does not work as stated in the documentation of the product.
  • Refund related issues that you may face if you decide not to purchase the product after the payment.

4. Issues beyond the Support scope

Although we put in our best efforts to offer you an unmatched support to ensure you have a pleasant shopping experience, there are certain issues that cannot come under the purview of the support service offered by us.

Some of the out-of-scope issues are:

  • Customization work that does not comply with the configuration of the themes, templates or plugins offered by us.
  • Any request that is not in sync with the default workflow of the resources.
  • Issues arising due to conflict with other plugins that we have no control over.
  • Changing the structure of HTML, CSS or other codes.
  • We do not guarantee compatibility with any 3rd party plugins.
  • We do not resolve any server related issues that may arise after installation of the products.

5. Modification Request Support

The themes, plugins and templates that we offer to our customers are editable and we provide the modification services as well. If the modification is limited to change in a few lines of the code, we will gladly assist you. However, if you wish to change multiple lines of code or get your theme, template or plugin tested under certain conditions, we will provide you guidance and you may hire developers for the same from offshore centers.

Another option that you can avail, if you require complete customization of the product that you buy from us, is our customization service that is provided by a team of dedicated developers.

6. Support Timetable

Our Availability

We are available to our customers from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm according to GMT +5:30. We declare an off on National and public holidays and hence, we will not be able to provide any support or probably slow support on those days. You can get in touch with our support personnel through the communication channel of your choice. You can also raise a ticket about the issue and we will get back to you at the earliest.

When Support Is Unavailable

  • Like all other organizations, we provide leave to our employees on certain occasions and during such time, the support may not be available for our customers.
  • Support may also not be available instantly when we experience a huge inflow of requests. However, your requests will be dealt with in order of their submission.
  • Support is not offered to the customers who have an expired license key for the product.
  • Support may be discontinued if we see too many customization processes going on for your themes, templates or plugins.

7. Help yourself with the documentation

We prepare the documentation for our themes and other resources very carefully and insert labeled screenshots to help you understand them in an articulate manner. Hence, the customers are encouraged to go through the documentation before they approach the support service. Most of the queries will be resolved while you read the documentation because it has been prepared for the purpose. However, if you still have the queries regarding the resource that you have purchased, our support service is always at your disposal.

8. Steps To Follow For Availing Support

In order to get support from our team on any issue that you face while implementing our themes, templates and plugins, you can contact us as per your convenience. There are two ways to get in touch with our support team.

Step 1:

You can contact us through the email, phone or chat and get instant support for your issues.

Step 2:

You can visit the link and submit your queries with your name, email. You need to choose the name of the template, theme or plugin from the dropdown menu for which you need the support. Our support team will get back to you in the earliest possible time.

9. When Is The Support Request Closed?

The support request raised by the customer should usually contain not more than 2 issues so that the support personnel may provide the most accurate solution by focusing on one issue at a time. A request is deemed closed when the customer gives a confirmation that the query has been resolved.

10. Bug Fix Notification

We will send you notification about the bugs that are fixed for your purchased theme, template or plugin through mail. As soon as you submit the issue through our website, we queue your request and our developers start to work on them as first in first out basis. Any update about general bug fixing for any of our resources will also be published on the blogs that we publish on a regular basis.

11. Policy For Refund

Purchases made on theem’on are eligible for a refund under certain circumstances. We may offer a 30 calendar days refund policy if the customer has paid for the product but not downloaded it. You can ask for a refund also if the product that we offer for sale is broken or is not exactly what was advertised. If you have already downloaded the theme, template or plugin and wish to get a refund, you can forward your request to our refund redressal team. It will review the purchase and decide whether you are eligible for full, partial or no refund. However, the final decision of the refund lies with theem’on and the decision will be abiding.

12. Abuse Handling

theem’on reserves the right to deny any support to a customer if he/she is found to be abusive towards the staff and support personnel. The abuse may include but is not limited to:

  • Using obscene or blasphemous language.
  • Abuse intended to defame the character.
  • Any instance of misuse of the support platform.
  • Spamming the support platform.