General Terms

By availing any product and services from theemon.com, it is meant that you are bound by the ˜Terms and Conditions™ that are stated below. Moreover, all these Terms & Conditions are applied to everything associated with the website, email and any other form of communication that has taken place between you & theem’on.

Products & Services

theem’on delivers all the products as well as services to your mentioned email address.

It is also stated that theem’on is not responsible for any kind of delays, which is out of control. If there is a spam blocker hindering our email to reach you or you provide an invalid email address, then you can download the theme directly from the page, where the payment is made.

Payment Concern

theem’on accepts the payment through PayPal and 2Checkout. There is no other mode to process the transaction. For more query related to security policies and payment details, feel free to contact us.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is liable in two cases. In first case, you have made the payment for the theme, but have not downloaded that theme. If the product has not been downloaded by you, we initiate the full return. Secondly, if you have downloaded our product, but want the refund (due to some reasons), then our dispute redressal team will review your matter. On the grounds of the matter, proper judgment will be given. And after that, you may get the full, partial or no refund. This whole redressal process will take around 2 to 3 weeks to complete.

Ownership Governed By License

The ownership of all the products is associated with the usage license that is obtained by theem’on.

Amendments in Terms & Conditions

The “Term & Conditions” may get changed any time without notifying the visitors or seeking any permission from them. theem’on holds the complete authority of revising the terms & conditions any time. Hence, this is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the amendments in our terms & conditions.