theem’on Adds A New Forum Section To Its Website

The theem’on website got another feather added in its cap with the addition of “Forum” section to it. Being a marketplace that offers exceptional WP themes, templates, plugins, newsletter templates, etc., theem’on is poised to providing out-of-the-box themes for a number of business websites. In an attempt to be more valuable and useful for our customers and clients, we have added this informative section to our websites.

The inclusion of this new forum section is an opportunity for the users to ask related questions and get an instant reply. Owing to the status of the forum, our experts as well as any of the users can either put or resolve a query asked by others. We have a skilled team to manage users’s queries that are often posted to the forum sections. We ensure that we leave our users satisfied with the appropriate solutions for the concerns they put under the forum section.

The team of theem’on resolves user’s queries on issues ranging from getting the license key to retrieving MailChimp API key to getting support from us to setting the widgets and many more such questions. Our skillful experts have the knowledge to provide all the required information to the users regardless of the issues.

The forum section has also been added with a “Following” category that allows users to follow the already asked questions if they have similar issue. In the case of similar issues, clicking on the question will take the users to a new tab where they will have a “Follow” option for that particular issue. Users need to register in the forum section to reap the benefits of it. This will allow an easy access to the users to theem’on blogs and affiliate programs as well.

theem’on has been developed with a single vision of providing quality themes at affordable prices and we have remained totally focused to accomplish the mission. The addition of this new “Forum” section is intended to be an effective platform for users to get their issues resolved with the help of our experts.

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