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Released8 April 16
Last update 8 April 16
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Compatible with WooCommerce 2.5, 2.4.x
1.0.0 8 April 16

Published on codecanyon

WooBooster: A Must-Have WordPress Plugin For Your E-commerce Portal

WooBooster is a WordPress Plugin that adds a host of features to your WP e-commerce portal, including shipping availability, product comparison, product filtering and many more. It is essentially an add-on to the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress and accentuates its features in order to proffer an enhanced user experience to the online shoppers. This must-have WooCommerce WordPress plugin takes your website's usability as well as the credibility to new heights by adding these nifty features to your online shopping portal. If you are running an online storefront, this product can work wonders for your brand reputation by making your platform more intuitive, interactive and user-friendly. The plugin integrates seamlessly with your existing website and spins magic as soon as you install and activate it.
  • Shipping Availability

    Shipping Availability

    This feature lets you show the availability of the products and the shipping time according to the zip/pin code entered by the users. You can add the Zip Code along with the shipping time and availability.

  • Single Page Product Zoom

    Single Page Product Zoom

    This revolutionary feature plays a crucial role in transforming any WooCommerce website to a online shopping portal. Using this feature, the user can see the zoomed in image of the product on a single page.

  • Product Filtering

    Product Filtering

    Product filtering feature enables your site visitors and prospective shoppers to narrow down the list of products on the basis of several attributes like price, color, availability, categories and any other specific factor.

  • Compare Products

    Compare Products

    Product compare feature makes the process of choosing the right product easier for the shoppers. This feature lets the user choose the products of the same category and then compare their features on different fronts.

  • Auto-Complete Search

    Auto-Complete Search

    This is an intuitive feature that enhances the usability of the portal by completing the keyword they are typing in the search bar. You can easily set the minimum number of words for triggering the auto-complete.

  • Cancel Order Request

    Cancel Order Request

    With this feature, managing the refunds for canceled orders becomes a lot easier. All the canceled order requests appear in the list and you can perform a host of actions on these orders depending on the requirements.


Rich User Interface

This WooCommerce WordPress plugin has a rich and interactive user interface that can be customized to match your website’s design.


Seamless Integration

This WooCommerce plugin for WordPress integrates with your WP website seamlessly. You just need to have WooCommerce plugin installed in your theme.


Support By Experts

Along with a great add-on to your WooCommerce WordPress website, we also offer support to our buyers in case they face any difficulty installing or using it.


Enhances User Experience

All the features that have been discussed above directly impact the user experience in the most favorable manner and enhance growth.


Boosts Sale

The Plugin is proven to boost your sale as you provide a wide range of usability features with your e-commerce website to the users.


Affordable Pricing

The best part of this Booster for WooCommerce is that we have priced it to be highly affordable as compared to the benefits it lets you reap.

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